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About Us

Hello, dear Visitor!

We are Joanna and Grzegorz, a couple living in the Polish countryside, in a little cottage by the woods. We share a passion for nature, old times and all things beautiful.

During our long forest walks we came up with an exciting idea to design a collection of clothes inspired by centuries gone by, made entirely of natural fabrics. Timeless, unique pieces that will serve their owners for many years to come, each of them created with love and care for every detail.

Our initial goal was to create a brand that is as environmentally friendly as possible. We’re definitely not perfect in that matter but we’re trying our best to find solutions allowing to reduce negative impact on our planet.

For our clothes we use natural fabrics: cotton and linen, most of them certified with GOTS certification (which means that it’s been sourced using the most ethical and sustainable methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment) or STANDARD 100 by OEKO TEX® Certification (which means it has been tested and certified to be free from substances harmful to human health and the environment). We also work with fabric manufacturers who are members of BCI – Better Cotton Initiative (world’s largest cotton sustainability programme, which aims to transform cotton production worldwide by addressing the negative impacts of cotton growing and processing). In addition to that, our clothes are packed using biodegradable materials.

Ethical working conditions are a priority for us. Our clothes are made locally here in Poland, by four wonderful, talented seamstresses. Each of them has their own workshop and receives a fair payment for their work (20%-25% of the price you pay for your item goes to its maker).

This is Ania, one of our seamstresses, who creates clothes for you in her cozy little workshop.

Following slow fashion principles, we make every piece to order to avoid waste and overproduction. In addition to that, we wanted to do something good for the planet and nature. To make a real change, even if just a little. That’s why we decided to plant a tree for every single sold piece.

There are big forest areas close to our home very dear to our hearts, where the trees are being regularly cut down. Every year in early spring we volunteer to help with reforestation of these areas, planting hundreds of tiny trees. It may not seem much, but we firmly believe that if many of us do even the littlest thing to help the environment, we can make a real change together. Huge thanks to each and every one of you for being our driving force in this initiative! With every purchased Revintaria piece, you plant a tree with our hands.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! We also invite you to follow our Instagram account @revintaria, as well as our private account @waitingforalice (it’s in fact Joanna’s, but Grzegorz is the man behind the camera!).


Sending lots of love to you all,

Joanna & Grzegorz

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