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REVINTARIA is a sustainable clothing brand born from the need to create beautiful things that will last for years.

Our clothes are inspired by nature and spirit of old times, all made of natural fabrics. To help save our planet, for every purchased piece we plant a tree.

Summer Memories

The wheel of the year has turned once more, bringing us another summer. Let’s enjoy the wonders of this magical time together with our second summer collection of ethereal pieces. We hope that they’ll inspire you to slow down a bit, stop by the road to smell flowers, watch shooting stars, run through the fields while it’s raining. All the simple, but often so forgotten things, that will bring back memories of bygone summers from your past.

Melody of Spring

Spring is the season of rebirth, of light and life coming back after winter sleep. Sweet sound of birds singing, warm evenings with balmy air, wildflowers blooming in the forests, intoxicating scent of lilac and jasmine – all blending together into one exquisitely beautiful melody of spring. Let’s experience these nature’s miracles together with our collection of ethereal pieces, their colours and patterns bringing out the elusive beauty of this most anticipated of seasons.

Forgotten Winter

Winter – time when nature falls asleep and the whole world slows down. Time of stillness, melancholy and reflection on the past. Let us take you to a nostalgic journey in search for the beauty and magic of this coldest of seasons with our collection of pieces inspired by old times, reflecting the muted, earthy colours of winter landscape.

Tartan Christmas

Let us bring a spark of Christmas magic to you with our mini collection of seasonal pieces. Red, green and white, soft muslin and warm flannel, tartan and lace to get you in the festive spirit for this most wonderful time of the year.

Autumn in the Forest

Inspired by all the best things about autumn: colourful leaves, crisp mornings, crackling fire, hot drinks with spices, pumpkin patches and long scenic walks. Warm colours and soft fabrics to keep you cozy during the most beautiful of all seasons.

Vintage Summer

We are happy to introduce you to our first collection ‘Vintage Summer’. Inspired by meadows full of wild flowers, long forest walks and rainy summer evenings. Mustard yellow, cinnamon brown and warm beige, flowers and lace for living your vintage summer dream.

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